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Gabby Young

Gabby Young Gabby Young's twisting roots have carried her and that stunning voice from her native Wiltshire around the UK to land with a bang at the centre of London's music scene.

Fortunately, thyroid cancer at only 22 did not affect Gabby's classically trained voice. What it did do was to inspire her to write and record her stories in beautifully haunting songs.

In 2008 Gabby formed her seven-piece band, which completes the magical musical fairground we know today, using a wide range of instruments, most notably trumpet, trombone, piano and clarinet.
Since then she has gone from strength to strength. She has headlined at both KOKO and New Year's eve at the South Bank, performed at Glastonbury and toured in Europe, America and Japan. She is particularly popular in both Germany and Holland.

Her unique music is an avant-garde fusion of folk, Balkan brass, jazz and swing: it has affectionately been dubbed Circus Swing, but in truth there is no existing genre to encompass her sound.

Gabby is very much the show woman. She likes to dress up in colourful outfits. It was her stunt to fund her first album that really put her on the map: she invited fans to “Become An Animal”, thereby creating considerable media interest.

Gabby Young And Other Animals released their their new highly acclaimed burlesque-style 13-track album, The Band Called Out For More, which was written by Gabby and her partner Stephen Ellis, who also produces, replete with lush orchestration, horns and quiet melodies.

The full line-up is as follows:

Gabby Young (lead vocals and guitar)
Stephen Ellis (guitars, keys and vocals)
Niall Woods (drums)
Paul Whalley (tuba and trombone)
Milly McGregor (violin)
Rich Watts (trumpet and accordion)
Ollie Hopkins (double bass)